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Dylan Bull

Dylan Bull

Dylan Bull is a dancer and choreographer with extensive experience in teaching and creating award-winning routines.

As an influential teacher, Dylan has left an impact on numerous dance schools across Sydney. His dedication to his craft along with his ability to inspire and challenge his students have garnered him a stellar reputation. Through his commitment to teaching, he has nurtured countless aspiring dancers, shaping them into skilled performers who possess the ability to truly captivate an audience.

Dylan’s talent for choreography extends far beyond the confines of the studio. This is evident in his collaboration with renowned Australian rapper, Golfang, where he provided movement direction for Golfang’s music video, directed by Ben Montague. Montague, known for his work with global music icons such as Wiz Khalifa, Rita Ora, and U2, recognized Dylan’s unique creative vision and entrusted him with the task of bringing the rapper’s music to life through dance.

One of Dylan’s most notable achievements includes his choreography for Sydney’s Choreographers Showcase, aptly titled “Industry Night.” This highly anticipated event brings together Australia’s finest choreographers to showcase their exceptional work. Dylan’s contribution to the showcase received favourable feedback, further solidifying his position as a leading figure in the dance community.

In the music video “Take You There,” directed by Tampa Media, Dylan demonstrated his versatility as both a choreographer and performer. The video portrayed a post-apocalyptic world where Dylan and his partner were the last two people on Earth. Dylan’s choreography for the contemporary piece added an emotive layer to the storytelling, captivating viewers and amplifying the video’s impact.

Dylan’s diverse range of styles and his extensive training in hip hop foundations and contemporary dance give his work a unique and grounded flair. He effortlessly fuses different genres and techniques, creating a captivating and dynamic experience for both dancers and audiences alike. Dylan’s choreography reflects his unwavering dedication to his craft and his constant pursuit of pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic territories.